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"That's How Life Is"

  Angelica Chitwood featuring Bob Chitwood

    FIlmed and Edited by Wes Shirley

This song was written and recorded in 2009, by Angelica and her father, Bob Chitwood. They brought it out of the archives in early 2013, and recorded a music video. It's a true labor of love, and they were so proud to finally get it filmed. They had recorded a 13 song album in 2009, that had been shelved, due to Bob's almost fatal accident in April 2010. He was hit by a car, as a pedestrian, and his injuries put him on bed rest, and unable to function for years. After tons of hope, prayers, amazing doctors, and lots of physical therapy, Bob is again able to walk, sing and play guitar. This song was written before the accident, but meant so much more to them, afterwards...

HEAL THE WORLD by Angelica Chitwood

Feat. Conrad Filmed by Kane Lieu

Music Videos

Angelica Chitwood, (THE CHOSEN), is on a mission to spread love and light, through her music and her everyday life. Angelica begins her Indigo Love Movement with the uplifting, pop song, "Heal The World". A song about peace, light, and always choosing to love yourself, and others. She teamed up with the app, and created the #HealTheWorldChallenge, where 15 seconds of the song was sampled within the app, in their "Peaceful" section. Thousands of people, all across the globe, made lip-syncing videos, showing what "Heal The World" meant to them. Angelica personally selected several videos to feature throughout the official music video, to help spread her message.. "Heal the World with Love.."

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