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Direct email:                                               Agent info on IMDB 
                                                ANGELICA CHITWOOD 
                                                                                            SAG - AFTRA  
                                               Height:  5’4” | Weight:  111 lbs | Hair:  BLONDE | Eyes:  Blue 




The Chosen                                                     Lead                                                                              Dir. Ben Jehoshua 


ALL OUT Dysfunktion                                     Lead                                                                          Dir. Ryan Lemasters 


Home Late                                                       Lead                                                                                  Dir. Ryan Elkins 


Knavish Folk                                                 Featured                                                                   Dir. Samuel Timpson 


A Chance of Snow                                          Lead                                                                                       Dir. Tony Bill 


Mary-Kate & Ashley’s Mall Party              Lead                                                                                  Dir. Alan Julian 


No Woman’s Face Remember                         Lead                                                                    Dir. D. Charles Griffith 


Devotion                                                         Supporting                                                             Dir. Larry Humphrey 


For the Record                                             Lead                                                             Dir. Laurence Walsh-Hodson 


Carved                                                            Lead                                                                               Dir. Mary Russell 


Psychos                                                          Lead                                                                  Dir. Sandy Chukhadarian 


Reality Cafe                                                  Lead                                                                                    Dir. Mark Nitta 


Undercurrent                                              Supporting                                                                       Dir. Adam Radly 


Celebrity Sex Tape                                       Supporting                                                                 Dir. Scott Wheeler 


Long Lost                                                       Featured                                                                           Dir. Thy Riedel  


Bubblepac                                                     Lead                                                                                   Dir. Rick Dublin 





Algo’s Factory                                              Series Regular(2 seasons)                                                           FOX-UPN 


Eye For Talent                                              Pilot                                                                                                       CMT 


LAST LIFE                                                        RECURRING                                                                                      EPISODIC


The Hotel Barclay                                       Guest Star                                                                                     Episodic 


Anya Karmanova                                           Recurring                                                                                      Episodic 


Target                                                            National Markets                                                                   Commercial 


Best Buy (2)                                                    National Markets                                                                  Commercial 


Friendly’s Restaurant                                East Coast Markets                                                                Commercial 


National Guard                                             National Markets                                                                   Commercial 





Showboat                                                       Young Kim                                                                           Harold Prince 


Grease                                                            Rizzo                                                                                         Roger Mahn 


Godspell                                                        Angela                                                                                      Joan Potter 


The Fantasticks                                           Luisa                                                                                   Reggie Phoenix 


Fiddler on the Roof                                    Hodel                                                                                        Joan Potter


The Mikado                                                   Peep-bo                                                                       Mario diaz-moresco 





Acting                Actor's Alley Workshops (numerous) 


                           CM Acting Studio (Improv, Auditioning, Scene Study, Cold Reads)  


                           David Kagen School of Film Acting: David Kagen (Cold Read, Scene Study) 


                           Children’s School of Expression: Kathryn Hume (14 yrs Drama, speech) 


Voice                  3 1/2 Octaves; Soprano; Belt- High G; Classical Training 6 yrs; Pop; Sings 


                           All Genres; studio vocalist; multiple studio recordings 




              Dialects     English, Eastern European, Minnesotan, Southern, Valley Girl, East Coast 


              Sports        Softball, Basketball, Sprint, Horseback, Ping-Pong, Cartwheel, Volleyball, Ice 


                                  Skating, Water, Skiing, Swimming, Diving, Yoga 


              Other         Ear Prompter, Teleprompter, Improv- The Wayz Improv Troupe Company (4 years)

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